Thursday, October 21, 2010

Washington State is getting a new breath test machine

It appears the time has finally come. After years and years of using inferior, outdated breath testing equipment Washington State appears to be moving forward with plans to use newer and more advanced breath testing machines regarding Washington DUI and other alcohol related offenses. The state has already purchased a number of machines, the Draeger 9510, and is in the process of testing them before deploying them to be used in actual Washington State DUI arrests. From what I hear the laws are currently being changed to allow these new machines to be used in the field beginning 2011. RCW 46.61.506 was recently amended to permit the use of “dry gas” in the administration of a breath test to Washington State DUI suspects. The term “dry gas” refers to a vapor which will be introduced into the breath testing machine pursuant to testing protocol and the purpose is to determine whether the machine is properly calibrated. Prior law had only authorized the use of a liquid simulator solution in connection with the testing of Washington State DUI suspects.

Remember a Seattle DUI arrest is a serious matter. Its always important to use a designated driver, or use a cab service if you plan on having a few drinks especially with the number of Seattle DUI emphasis patrols out there. However if you find yourself in the position where you are being questioned by a Seattle DUI police officer, request to speak with my office immediately or ask for a Seattle DUI attorney.

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