Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What to say if you are contacted by Law Enforcement

So I met a fellow Seattle DUI Defense attorney who is also a graduate of the University of Utah the other day in court. He gave me his business card, and on the back it had this. Since friends always ask what to do if they get stopped by a police officer. Here you go.

What to say if you are contacted by law enforcement:

I refuse to consent to any search of my premises, the location of my arrest, my automobile, or personal affects. I wish to exercise my rights under the 5th and 6th Amendments to remain silent and to have my lawyer present during any questioning.

I do not want to answer any questions nor make a written or taped statement without first having the advise of counsel.

I refuse to do all field sobriety tests, including the portable breath test. I wish to talk with my attorney prior to consenting to take a breath test or blood test at the police station or hospital.

What does this mean in English?

So if you get stopped by a police officer after you have been drinking. First relax. If the officer had a reason to pull you over and smells the odor of alcohol, you most likely are going to get arrested. Whether the officer has sufficient evidence to arrest for a Seattle DUI is another story.

So please do yourself and your DUI attorney a favor. Decline to answer all questions. Decline to do any field sobriety tests including the portable breath test at the scene. Ask to speak with an attorney immediately and keep quiet.

If you follow this simple advice you will make it much easier on not only yourself but you Seattle DUI Lawyer as well.

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